Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're off on our holiday ...

Well after a flurry of posts in the first 2 days, you now won't hear from me for 4 weeks! We're off on our holiday to Disneyland in Hong Kong and visiting relatives in the UK. 4 weeks of (relatively) no cooking or cleaning - yippee!

I've set up the Feedblitz emails to go out on a weekly basis from now on. You will receive a regular email on Mondays, despite the number of postings I make during the week. That way, I can post as much as I want but only impose on your time once a week to flick through the posts.

If you need to purchase anything urgently while I'm away, please feel free to contact my fabulous upline, Ruth Massey (ruthmass@bigpond.com) or demonstrator downline, Suzanne Tucker(suzanne.tucker@hotmail.com). I will be back on 1 November. I will be seriously missing my stamps and classes while I'm away! The next classes will be held at 10.30am Wednesday 3 November and Friday 5 November 7.30pm.

See you then!

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