Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thursday 28 April Classes - Morning and Evening

A belated Happy Easter to all!

I didn't know today was a public holiday so today's class has been moved to Thursday 28 April. The evening class this week will also be on Thursday because we have friends staying on Friday night. SO, to make things a little easier, I am going to change the classes around a little and run the same class on Thursday morning and evening and we'll catch up on the French Foliage class next week.

Also, we were supposed to have a guest teacher this week to show us how to colour in (back to pre-school for us!). Amy has injured her hand and won't be able to come so I will be demonstrating my very mediocre colouring skills!

Thursday 28 April - Dancing Girls - wahoo!
10.30am AND 7.30pm
5 Capricorn Street, Bentley Park
$20 for 3 cards - all materials, equipment, tea & coffee provided

I will prepare for 3 cards each and prestamp/prepare as much as I can because colouring takes a while. Have a tub before you come and wear your PJs ... it could be a late night!

Please RSVP so I know how many kits to prepare.

If you can't make it, to purchase the kit (uncoloured) is $15 but if you want me to colour them in for you, they will be $30!

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